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Applying the Edible Image to Your Cake

Icing Image Instructions

Image should last up to 3 weeks if kept sealed tightly in a zipper locked bag - always keep image flat/straight when storing


  1. Frosting should be buttercream, or common store bought ready-to-spread frostings.  Wet whipped cream or non-dairy toppings can cause the image to fade.  For best results, use a white frosting where the images are to be placed, and spread the frosting as smooth as possible.
  2. Have a plain just-frosted cake ready.  If using a previously frosted cake (frozen or refrigerated), allow the frosting to soften at room temperature for 10 minutes
  3. Remove Icing Image from the bag and set it out in room temperature for at least 10 minutes (drier climates) to 60 minutes (more humid climates).  If you need to cut the image from the sheet to fit on the cake, do this as soon as it is removed from the bag using a sharp x-acto knife or box cutter.  If the image is pliable when you first remove it from the bag, and is easy to remove from backing it does not need to sit out for any period of time.
  4. To remove the image from the backing, pull the backing down over a sharp table edge at the corners, while keeping the icing as straight as possible.  If the icing is not lifting off easily, allow it to sit longer to dry out.  Do not let the image over dry or it may crack.  If the image should tear, the pieces can still be placed on the cake and patted into place.
  5. If the image is too dry, you can put a damp paper towel in the bag under the plastic backing - NOT ON THE IMAGE - for a few minutes.  If the frosting is too dry, you can spray a light even mist of water over the frosting before placing the image.
  6. Position the Icing Image on your cake, lowering the middle of the image down on the cake first.  Wrinkles can be removed by gently patting them until they disappear.

  7. You may immediately begin to apply your decorations.   You may write on top of the image with frostings or jellies.

  8. If you refrigerate you cake after applying image, allow the cake to sit out at least 1/2 hour before cutting to allow image to become pliable again